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DarkRP Job Generator

Create DarkRP Jobs with our quick and easy to use tool. The code that is generated should ideally be pasted into addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/darkrp_customthings/jobs.lua

Base Configuration

Important information about the job including internal lua references

The ID used to identify the job in the code.

The name of the job.

The category this job will be associated with.

The model or models used to by this job. Separate each model with a comma.

Base Model Configuration

Additional UI to help aid in player model selection.

Job Configuration

Important information about the job including internal lua references

The color used for the job in the F4 menu, HUD and such.

The description of the job.

The chat command used to change to this job.

The weapons the job will spawn with.

The job the player must change from to become the new job.

Economy Configuration

Control important economy information here.

The salary the player receive.

The maximum amount of players that can use this job at the same time.

Permission Configuration

Control who can access this job.

The admin status required for the job. CustomChecks may work better in some situations and got more options.

Whether or not a vote should be required to become the job.

Whether or not the job should spawn with a gun license.

Whether or not the job can be demoted by other players.

Custom Check Configuration

Control who can see/access this job (extended).

Type Configuration

Determine whether or not the job is a Mayor, Chief, Medic, etc.

Spawn Configuration

Control things such as Health, Armor, Bodygroups and Ammo.

Other Configuration

Control demotion on death and external addons such as a leveling system.

Generated Code

This code will not work! Please fill in the fields.

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