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DarkRP Shipment Creator

Create DarkRP Shipments with our quick and easy to use tool. The code that is generated should ideally be pasted into addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/darkrp_customthings/shipments.lua

Base Configuration

Base information about the Shipment.

The display name of the Shipment.

The weapon entity class name. Can be found in the Q menu under weapons.

The model shown in the F4 menu and when bought.

The category this Shipment will be associated with.

Economy Configuration

Information used to configure the Shipment's type and economy impact.

The sales type used for the item. Shipment, single or both.

Team Configuration

Determine which DarkRP jobs are able to access this Custom Shipment.

The jobs that should have access to purchase the Shipment.

Custom Check Configuration

Control who can access this Shipment.

Generated Code

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