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Garry's Mod Windows Start Bat

Technical Configuration

Information in regards to connecting to the server.

The port the server will run on.

The tick rate the server will run. Higher the number, more demanding it is on the CPU. A performant tickrate is around 30. Max: 128

LAN servers only allow users from your local network to connect. Public servers will require you to port forward your server's port number.

Game Configuration

Information in regards to game setup.

The max amount of players that can play on this server.

The name of your gamemode’s folder.

The name of the map the server will run, must be included in your server files.

Workshop Configuration

Workshop Information for downloading workshop addons.

The ID your steam workshop collection. This will be the addons the server automatically downloads. ( Clients will not download these files )

Generated Code

This code will not work! Please fill in the fields.

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